Efficient natural ventilation in renovated multi-storey dwellings

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The purpose of this project is to strengthen the professional basis for the design and dimensioning of natural ventilation by renovating older multi-storey dwellings, where natural ventilation must either function in conjunction with mechanical ventilation or alone. The project will revise methods, calculation models and tools that are suitable for reliable assessment of natural ventilation performance in multi-storey residential buildings.
The aim is to make existing knowledge available for practice and to upgrade current models for ventilation openings and opening windows in building simulations, so that the models become more accurate for the building practice used in older Danish multi-storey dwellings. Not least, the interplay between natural and mechanical ventilation is of great importance. An overall picture of the indoor climate, energy and economic consequences for building owners considering energy renovation must be provided. The results of the project must improve current practice so that differences between calculated and realized performance can be reduced.
Short titleEfficient natural ventilation in renovated multi-storey dwellings
Effective start/end date01/07/202130/06/2023


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