Efficient disease prevention in Danish aquaculture by improved vaccination strategies (VaxFisk) (23374 & 23295)

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The purpose of this project is to make disease prevention in aquaculture more efficient by improved vaccination strategies. Animal-based foods based on fish are healthy diets because the beneficial fat composition reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease in humans. Declining wild fish stocks have increased the importance of fish production in aquaculture as a food source. Denmark is a pioneering country in farming of rainbow trout and the government's and aquaculture industry's goal is to increase Danish fish production in aquaculture. This must be done in an environmentally neutral manner. In the current production, treatment of outbreaks of bacterial fish diseases with antibiotics is frequently needed despite the fish being vaccinated against those diseases. The vaccines used are based on foreign variants of the disease-causing bacteria. These vaccines have been shown to have a relatively poor effect under Danish conditions, where both bacterial variants and breeding conditions are different from those in our neighboring countries.

This project will optimize vaccination and vaccination strategies to minimize needs for treatment with antibiotics and in the same time reducing production losses due to diseases. The project will thus contribute to a more optimal production, which will be both more environmentally friendly and more profitable. The project will thus also contribute to strengthening the technological platform for expansion of the production of rainbow trout in Danish aquaculture.

National Institute of Aquatic Resources, DTU Aqua (coordinator)
University of Copenhagen, Denmark
Danish Aquaculture Association, Denmark
AquaPri A/S, Denmark 
Simon B. Madsen Dyrlægepraksis, Denmark
Fonden Bornholms Lakseklækkeri, Denmark
Nexø Havn Udvikling A/S, Denmark

The project is funded by the Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Fisheries through the Green Development and Demonstration Program (GUDP).

Research area: Fish and Shellfish Diseases
Effective start/end date01/07/201531/12/2020


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