Efficacy, cost benefit, and consumer perception of post harvest pathogen reduction of fresh pork

  • Aabo, Søren (Project Manager)

Project Details


The project aimed to provide a firm scientific basis for decision-making is mandatory for general acceptance of post harvest decontamination. The project was structured in five work-packages, which combined natural science, social science and economical science. The project examined the ability of decontamination methods to eliminate pathogens in superficial and deep structures of pig carcasses. A model was developed, which estimated the quantitative burden of enteropathogens on pig carcasses. This model formed the basis of a quantitative risk assessment of decontamination of pig carcasses on the consumer risk. Consumer acceptance of decontamination was also be investigated. This work included an interview based investigation of consumer perception of decontamination of fresh meat, in particular pork meat, including the perception of safety and quality pork and food in general. The interview will also display the willingness of the consumer to pay for the increased food safety. An economical analysis of the cost-efficiency of decontamination, and a study of the consumer willingness to pay was included.
Effective start/end date01/04/200531/12/2009


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