Effect of environmental factors on taste and aroma formation in Danish mould cheese

  • Nielsen, Per Væggemose (Project Manager)
  • Stahnke, Louise Heller (Project Participant)
  • Hansen, Anne Maria (Project Participant)

    Project Details


    The aim of this project is to investigate the combined effect of several important environmental factors on the overall sensory impression of Danish mould fermented cheeses. The aim is pursued by investigations carried out in three consecutive phases. Phase I: Two Danish mold fermented cheeses are characterized by morphological appearance, production and identification of volatile compounds and sensory profile. Phase II: The cheeses are kept under different environmental conditions (combinations of oxygen, carbon dioxide, relative humidity and temperature) over a period of time. At different time intervals cheese are characterized according to methods used in phase I. Phase III: Data obtained in phase II are combined for multivariate data analysis. A model describing the overall sensory impression, as a function of environmental parameters, are developed
    Investigations in the field of product flavor have mainly been profiling of aroma compounds, without relating these compounds to the actual taste of the product. In this project aroma compound, which contribute or relate to the sensory profile, are identified by GC-olfactometry. Furthermore, the effect of environmental factors are included and evaluated.
    The results of the applied project will build a platform of knowledge for the Danish Dairy industry and provide tools for a more holistic approach in understanding and controlling product quality.
    Effective start/end date01/01/200031/12/2002


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