EESD. European forum on integreted environmental assessment.

  • Harremoës, Poul (Project Manager)

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    Integrated environmental assessment is policy-relevant on complex environmental issues. The proposed concerted action seeks to improve and demonstrate policy relevance through organizing 2-3 controlled policy-science interface workshops, and 2-3 rapid assessment workshops on topics such as climate, energy and water. It seeks to improve scientific quality and to consolidate and extend the peer community through organizing 2 summer workshops and 2-3 short, specialized workshops on topics such as uncertainty, decision analisis, and scenario design. It seeks to train young researchers through 2 summer schools, and grant fellowships to young researchers for exchange. It seeks to disseminate its findings widwly to both the science and the policy community.
    Kontrakt: EKV2-2001-20011
    Effective start/end date01/04/200231/03/2005


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