EcoGrid DK: 50% wind power in the Danish Electric Power System

  • Østergaard, Jacob (Project Manager)
  • Lind, Morten (Project Manager)
  • Nyeng, Preben (Project Participant)
  • Xu, Zhao (Project Participant)
  • Chandrashekhara, Divya K (Project Participant)
  • Poulsen, Bjarne (Project Participant)
  • Horstmann, Jørgen Peter Frederik (Project Participant)
  • Chen, Yu (Project Participant)
  • Jóhannsson, Hjörtur (Project Participant)
  • Saleem, Arshad (Project Participant)
  • You, Shi (Project Participant)
  • Garcia-Valle, Rodrigo (Project Participant)
  • Vlachogiannis, Ioannis (John) (Project Participant)

    Project Details


    The object of the research programme is to develop new long term technologies and market solutions for power systems with an increased share of distributed generation and renewable energy sources while maintaining the reliability of supply.

    The programme will focus on the identification and evaluation of new architectures and structures for the power system and development of new solutions for enhanced customer participation and pioneering concepts of system control and operation. The EcoGrid programme will cover research and development activities within related areas, and the programme will initiate and coordinate these activities. will look for global solutions with reference to the Danish power system and the new Danish energy policy the objective of which is at least 30% renewable energy in the overall energy system in 2025, and indications that wind power can cover 50% of electricity demand in 2025.
    Effective start/end date01/05/200701/07/2008


    • Forsk. Private danske - Andre


    • wind power, electric power system, architectures, market, measures


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