E.2 System (Tools) Integration

  • Gani, Rafiqul (Project Manager)
  • Jensen, Anne Krogh (Project Participant)
  • Russel, Boris Mariboe (Project Participant)
  • Harper, Peter Mathias (Project Participant)
  • Hostrup, Martin (Project Participant)
  • Jørgensen, John Bagterp (Project Participant)
  • Andersen, Torben Ravn (Project Participant)

Project Details


ICAS: Intergrated Computer Aided System
Solutions of process integration problems require an integrated set of tools. There is a demand for tools that will enable the engineer to directly transfer information between various phases of process design, process analysis, and process optimisation. Therefore, an integrated computer aided system for process modelling, simulation, design, synthesis and analysis has been developed. This system includes a simulation (steady state and dynamic) engine and tools for physical properties estimation, process/product synthesis and process/product design. The total system, called ICAS, has been evaluated against various test problems.
A major part of the tools integration within ICAS has been developed through a PhD-project (PhD thesis of Anne K. Jensen, May 1998), where, emphasis has also been given to the development of a computer aided modelling system. The model generation feature in ICAS consists of a generic modelling language for interactive definition of new building objects and a knowledge-based modelling language that apply rules in order to create new building objects. The methodology for creation of building objects is essentially based on information related to definition of control shells (boundary, physical description of the interior, and interactions between the shell and the surrounding). From the definition of the control shell, the computer aided modelling system generates the model equations describing the control shell. In addition to the creation of new objects, a system for graphical aggregation of the building object into a composite model has also been developed. Finally, integration of the model generator to a process simulator allows direct simulation with the generated model (the appropriate code for the simulator is generated by the model generation feature).
Effective start/end date01/05/1997 → …


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