E.1 Process Integration

  • Gani, Rafiqul (Project Manager)
  • Andersen, Torben Ravn (Project Participant)
  • Jørgensen, Sten Bay (Project Participant)

Project Details


A project concerning development of a simulation tool (steady state as well as dynamic) for Petlyuk distillation columns has been initiated. The objective for development of this tool is to study the operation of integrated distillation trains. Distillation column configuration for the separation of azeotropic mixtures continues to attract industrial and academic researchers. For heterogeneous azeotropic mixture separation, the advantages and disadvantages of the "direct-sequence" and the "indirect-sequence" have been studied at CAPEC. The conditions, under which the undesirable effects of multiple solutions can be avoided, have been identified for various design/operational alternatives.
Effective start/end date01/05/1997 → …


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