Durable and Robust SOFC

Project Details


This 2-year project had as one of its' overarching goals to improve durability and robustness of the Danish solid oxide fuel cells. The project focus was on cells and cell components suitable for SOFC operation in the temperature range 600 – 750 °C. The cells developed and/or studied in this project are intended for use within the CHP (Combined Heat and Power) market segment with stationary power plants in the range 1 – 250 kW e in mind. A significant part of this project was concerned with improved understanding of degradation and failure mechanisms.
Effective start/end date01/07/201031/07/2012


  • solid oxide fuel cells
  • electrochemistry
  • degradation
  • durability
  • lifetime limiting factors
  • porous electrode
  • functional ceramics
  • high temperature materials
  • hydrogen


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