DTU-Novo Nordisk Robust Design Programme

  • Howard, Thomas J. (Project Manager)
  • Pedersen, Søren Nygaard (PhD Student)
  • Christensen, Martin Ebro (PhD Student)
  • Göhler, Simon Moritz (PhD Student)
  • Eifler, Tobias (Supervisor)

    Project Details


    This project is a research and educational programme focusing on the development and application of Robust Design, Tools, Methods and Processes. Robust Design is essential to a country's competitiveness in production. When a design is robust it means that it is insensitive to small variations in production and therefore over large production volumes over long lifetime, will continually give a consistent performance to the customer.
    Effective start/end date01/12/201301/12/2017

    Collaborative partners


    • Robust Design
    • Reliability Engineering
    • Quality Engineering
    • Process Capability Assessment
    • Product development
    • Design Engineering
    • Tolerance Analysis
    • Dimensional Engineering


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