DTU centre for recirculation technology (38159)

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Despite the obvious scientific relationship and correlation between recirculation technology, specifically biofiltration, and municipal waste-water treatment only limited scientific knowledge has been interchanged between these two areas.

DTU Environment has for many years been an internationally renowned actor within biofiltration processes and kinetics in waste water treatment. Combining this stronghold with the DTU Aqua expertise in recirculating systems is the basis for this project. Through project cooperation, student interchange and common research set-ups knowledge is exchanged and new insights developed.

In recirculation systems feed is the major input to the system, and the linkage between feed, water quality and system operation is important, yet missing knowledge, which will also be addressed by the group through a combined experimental and modeling approach.

Research area: Aquaculture
Effective start/end date01/01/201031/12/2015


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