Diversity management in the construction sector.

  • Kamp, Annette (Project Manager)
  • Koch, Christian (Project Participant)
  • Jens, Tofft (Contact Person)

Project Details


Diversity management in the construction sector.
The construction industry is facing new challenges, as human resources are increasingly diverse and multicultural. Recruitment and use of this diversity of talents implies changes in the management of human resource. The aim of the project is to investigate how diversity management may conduce changes in the use of human resources in construction industry. The project analyses the various barriers for development of a culture based on diversity. Special attention is paid to the difficulties that new entrant such as women and ethnic minorities among professionals face in this sector. Based on this analysis proposals for change towards diversity management are launched. Some of these are implemented in a large construction firm. The process of change is followed and evaluated by the researcher. The project summarizes its results by proposing an approach to diversity management applicable in the construction sector.
Effective start/end date01/03/200431/10/2005


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