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There is increasing focus on the water quality in swimming pools because of biological and chemical health risks. At the same time, new types of swimming pools have developed, some with elevated temperatures (baby swimming) and some with more complicated hydraulics than traditional swimming pools (recreational water lands). There is a demand for reducing the concentration of chlorine and in particular harmful disinfection by-products and there is a demand for improved methods of water quality monitoring. The aim of this project is in the first place to summarize the state of the art and identify potential methods of improving the water quality, including monitoring of quality.
Effective start/end date01/04/200431/12/2005

Collaborative partners

  • Technical University of Denmark (lead)
  • Scan Research A/S (Project partner)
  • DHI Water - Environment - Health (Project partner)
  • Ejcan ApS (Project partner)
  • Danish Technological Institute (Project partner)


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