Disease databases

  • Lopes Antunes, Ana Carolina (Project Participant)
  • Jensen, Vibeke Frøkjær (Project Participant)
  • Toft, Nils (Project Manager)

    Project Details


    The general purpose of the project is to explore the potential use and value of different data sources as a monitoring tool for detection of diseases in Danish swine herds. The project is a continuation of the PhD project “Veterinary Epidemiology with the focus on monitoring livestock disease using diagnostic databases”, in which different databases and monitoring methods were explored in the context of endemic diseases.
    As a starting point, the project will be focused on methods to detect changes in mortality and to find possible links among diseases occurrence, antibiotic usage, and other data streams (such as meat inspection and laboratory diagnostic data).
    Effective start/end date01/01/201731/12/2019