Developmental toxicity effects in experimental animals after mixed exposure to endocrine disrupting pesticides

Project Details


This project aims at exploring the hypothesis that combined developmental exposure to endocrine disrupting pesticides at dose levels below the No Observed adverse effect level (NOAEL) for each of the single pesticides may lead to adverse developmental toxicity effects.

The project has the following main objectives:

Investigate whether a mixture of environmentally relevant endocrine disrupting pesticides with dissimilar modes of action causes adverse developmental toxicity effects, including long-term delayed effects, at dose levels below NOAELs for the individual pesticides in a large extended developmental toxicity rat study.
Investigate the same mixture of pesticides and the single chemicals using in vitro assays in order to compare the results with those from the rat mixture study and evaluate the usability of alternative in vitro methods for estimating mixture effects.
Provide a survey of the intake of the studied pesticides and attempt to estimate the cumulative intake.
Evaluate whether there may be a reason for concern in relation to mixed exposure of humans to the investigated pesticides.
Give input to regulatory considerations on the need for modification of risk assessment procedures for pesticides in order to take account of mixture effects and the potentially serious impact of mixed exposure on development and reproduction.
Effective start/end date01/01/200830/11/2010


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