Development of tools for economically efficient mapping of eelgrass in Natura 2000 areas (ÅleTEK) (39734)

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The project aims to develop new technological methods and tools to ensure an economically efficient and professionally sound mapping of the ecosystem components eelgrass and macroalgae in Natura 2000 areas, and potentially other areas, with fishing (dredging) activities.

The project focuses on two directions for technological development of methods: 1) Development of drone technology for cost-effecient mapping of eelgrass and macroalgae, including development of technologies for mapping in deep and turbid waters. 2) Development of models for mapping eelgrass in Natura 2000 areas - including optimization of existing models.

DTU Aqua (coordinator)
University of Southern Denmark, Denmark
DTU Space, Technical University of Denmark

The project is funded by the European Maritime and Fisheries Fund and the Danish Fisheries Agency.

Research area: Coastal Ecology
Research area: Observation Technology
Effective start/end date13/06/201918/11/2022


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