Development of technology for the production of new healthy and safe seaweed extracts for food/cosmetics application

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The purpose is to develop technologies to add value to underexploited, abundant and local seaweed to obtain healthy ingredients, namely a protein-rich extract with low allergenicity and an antioxidant-rich solar filter for food and cosmetic use, respectively. With a higher protein yield compared to wheat, seaweed could be a sustainable protein-rich food for the increasing population. However, allergy to novel protein sources may occur and can be fatal when eaten or exposed to the skin, e.g. after eating the algae spirulina or skin exposure to alginate from seaweed. The skin care industry is looking for a natural alternative to synthetic sun filters, as these can potentially be harmful and toxic. Phlorotannins act as a natural defense against UV and is abundant in seaweed.
Short titlehealthy seaweed extract production
Effective start/end date01/10/201931/03/2021


  • allergy
  • antioxidant
  • Protein
  • food