Development of low-noise and cost-effective wind farm control technology

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Noise from Wind Turbines (WTs) is one of the main barriers to public acceptance and further onshore deployment of wind energy. Recent studies suggest links between low-frequency noise from WTs and health issues. However, the scientific basis for assessing the actual noise impact of WTs is rudimentary at best. The aim of this project is to develop accurate noise-chain models and mitigation strategies to limit noise exposure levels from WTs. The innovation is the development of new source-to-receiver noise-chain models and noise mitigation strategies. The activities include measurement of flow and noise, and development of the new noise-chain models and innovative noise mitigation strategies. The value creation is realized through: (1) the integration of the noise-chain tools into the EMD’s WindPRO and Siemens’ design tool, (2) recommendations for updated noise regulation standards, (3) commercialisation of WindPRO and mitigration strategies in existing and new wind farms.
Effective start/end date01/12/201830/11/2021


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