Development of indicative screening analyses for dioxins in the fish industry

  • Engelsen, Søren Balling (Project Participant)
  • Bassompierre, Marc (Project Participant)
  • Cederberg, Tommy Licht (Project Manager)

Project Details


The project aims at developing cost effective indicative screening analyses for dioxins and PCB in order to support the fishermen and the fish industry in finding a new technology for eliminating these pollutants from fish oil and fish meal.

It has been shown, that fluorescence spectroscopy can be used on fish oil to reveal fluorophores indirectly correlated to dioxins and PCBs by indicating the trophic level of the catch or to the quenching of the fluorescent signal from natural fluorophores.

The project will study the scientific basis for using spectro­fluori­metry in combination with predictive mathematical models as a screening method for dioxin and PCB. In parallel the fatty acid pattern of the fish oil will be studied as an alternative to fluorescence spectroscopy.

This analytical procedure will be developed further as a possible candidate for an inexpensive analysis. If successful, the method could also be used on consumer fish.
Effective start/end date01/05/200331/12/2006


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