Development of an Integrated Solar System for Buildings

  • Schultz, Jørgen Munthe (Project Manager)
  • Varming, Niels (Project Participant)

Project Details


The objective of the project consists in the study and development of a new generation of solar panels, capable of replacing the demands, for any type of building, be it electric power, hot water or hot air for heating. This will lead to improvements of these facilities regarding the individualised systems in use.

The idea arises from the need to palliate the low performance of the photovoltaic generators that doesn't usually go beyond 10 or 15%, because in this type of facilities the heat is not taken advantage of in an appropriate way, leading to a loss of approximately 34% of the incident energy and the performance of the apparatus diminish quickly according the temperature of the collector increases, having important losses as soon as the temperature of the cells are between 40-45ºC for modern solar panels.

During the project the focus of the work will be:
Review of the concept - Energy analysis
Design of the system components
Manufacturing of the components
Installation and integration of the components in a prototype house
Development of field tests
Effective start/end date01/08/200431/07/2007


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