Development of a designer's workbench

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    It is the long term goal of IKS to contribute to the creation of a design support system, which can support the total design sequence.
    This area is treated in Ph.D.-projects related to two research programs, and by efforts of staff members.
    The Ph.D.-projects are allocated to Thomas Jensen and Niels Henrik Mortensen, see their projects.
    Control functionalities are decomposing/ composing, specification, organ oriented design synthesis, product modelling and structuring. These topics are treated in the mentioned projects and publications from the department, see publications related to the staff below.
    The results have been presented by workshops in Erlangen and Delft 1996-99 and by conferences in Budapest and Helsinki in 1996, and at the ICED'97 and ICED'99.
    Substantial results are obtained concerning design language, produkt modelling and product life modelling, synthesis operations, organ and part synthesis and modelling of design intent!
    Effective start/end date01/01/199131/12/1999


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