Development and validation of toxicological test methods for assessment of endocrine disrupting effects of chemicals with focus on development of OECD test guidelines

Project Details


The focus for the project is:
1. OECD-guideline work: Enhancement of existing regulatory in vivo test methods (OECD TG414, TG 421/422 and TG 443) with regards to detection of endocrine disrupting chemicals
2. Method development related to detection of endocrine disrupters in the new OECD Test Guideline Extended One-generation Study (TG 443) with focus on mammary gland development and females
3. Method development related to thyroid toxicants with focus on human relevance of effects on hormone levels in rats and the implications for brain development in animals and humans.
AcronymMST Hormon
Effective start/end date01/01/201331/12/2016