Development and validation of an in situ solar collector field test method

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Denmark has become the front runner in the solar heating plant market with large scale solar collector fields
connected to district heating systems. Solar collector fields are composed of solar collectors connected in
series and in parallel. It is important that the thermal performances of solar collector fields can be predicted
and that the performances are as high as expected. However, there are few studies of theoretical model and in
situ test method suitable for solar collector fields. Further, so far no standards on thermal performance of
collector fields are available. Thermal performance test methods and standards for single solar collectors have
been developed for decades but they are quite different and cannot be directly used for solar collector fields.
The knowledge and research of large solar collector field in situ tests is quite limited. In addition, improper
layout and operation of large scale solar collector fields will reduce the solar heat production resulting in loss of
money. Therefore scientific research for large solar collector fields is needed. The aim of this project is to
develop an in situ test method for large solar collector fields to predict and evaluate its thermal performance.
By means of the test method, the quality and operation of solar collector fields can be secured and optimized.
Effective start/end date01/04/201731/03/2019


  • Solar collector field
  • thermal analysis
  • Solar heating


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