Development and performance test of method for establishing an area based recruitment index for North Sea sandeels (TORTN) (38128)

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The project's overall objective is to establish a recruitment index for sandeel in the North Sea, for use in preparation of the scientific advice for North Sea sandeel fisheries. It is also an objective that this index should be developed in collaboration with the fishing industry. This is partly to increase the transparency and credibility of the scientific work but also to reduce the cost of setting up the necessary information to as low as possible.

It is of significant interest to be able to subdivide North Sea sandeel habitats based on well-founded biological and physical principles in order to provide spatial explicit stock assessment and advice on local fishing potential. Using hydrographic modeling and field sampling during the fishing season the coupled larval drift and population model (SPAM) will be validated.

The North Sea wide collection of winter hibernating sandeels from the seabed with the modified scallop dredges will be continued and the time series of abundance data will be analyzed. The project will further create a database of VMS, data corresponding to Danish vessels fishing for sand eels (defined by logbook database). From this data fishing effort, a fishing ground level will be estimated through the use of VMS and log book data. Using sandeel samples from the fishery area-based age-length keys will be developed using a continuation logit statistical approach. Combining recruitment data from population analysis and fisheries independent data on 0-group, the project will further develop, test and optimize a method for calculating the recruitment of 0-year-old sandeels to the North Sea stock. Real-time Monitoring of the sandeel fishery, which is the present basis for in season advice on fishing opportunities (applied 2004-2009), earliest establish the same basis by May i.e. in the middle of the fishing season. The new procedure developed in the project makes it possible to provide the scientific advice used in fisheries management in January, more than 2 months before the start of fishing season. Thus the procedure will allow the development of area based recruitment indices to manage the sandeel fishery in accordance with principles that ensure a more optimal utilization of sandeel stock and also reduces the risk of local overfishing.

The project is coordinated by DTU Aqua.

Research area: Marine Living Resources
Effective start/end date01/01/200731/12/2008

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