Design Research Methodology

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    IKS is active in European endeavours to establish paradigms for design research. The activities started 1992 by launching the Ph.D.-course on Design Methodology in Trondheim (MMA), which has run yearly since, 1998 in Copenhagen and 1999 in Gothenburg.
    In 1996 the topic was taken up on the WDK Rigi Workshop, in 1997 was published an ICED pamphlet on design research (editor: MMA) and more sessions on ICED '97 and '99 was devoted to design research methodology.
    Also 1997 the topic was treated in an ENDREA kick-off Conference, see publications of MMA. In 1998 the topic was treated on the workshop Universal Design Theory.
    A workshop in Bath on the future of design research was held in 1999.
    Effective start/end date01/01/199231/12/1999


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