Design for Manufacture

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    DFM belongs to one of the DFX-areas, which are treated as a totality and long range research area at the Department.
    In 1996 especially IKS's sister organisation Institute for Product Development has been active in this area, with Eureka FAMOS and Nordic DFM research projects, and several industries projects.
    For IKS this has lead to strengthening the research activities on the design/production interaction, treated in the IPS (Integrated Production System) research project. A teaching model for DFM was introduced in 1996 for polytechnic midway projects at IKS. In 1997 IKS has established DFM as a permanent part of the midway projects and part of the course Product life engineering at IKS. In 1998 our teaching focussed on "lessons learned" relation between supplier and product development team.
    In 1999 the Lucas' methodology was brought in by new staff member Tone Robotham. Substantial resaerch are forund in the modularisation area (see Synthesis of product families) and in the area of multple DFX.
    Project members: Mortensen, Niels Henrik; Robotham Anthony John.
    Effective start/end date01/01/198031/12/1999


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