Design Coordination

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    Under the frames of an ESPRIT working group, CIMDEV/CIMMOD, is developed a concept for planning and control of product development, called "Design Coordination" (DC).
    DC is seen as a genetic modelling language and contains important 2'order mechanisms in design and product development, which may be supported by computers and in this way make the design work effective.
    The work is continued for a new period until end of 2000 in the working group IiMB, with participants from Strathclyde, Delt, Cerk, Torino, Bordeaux Tampere and Helsinki universities.
    The activities at IKS was high in '96, when Dr. Alex Duffy was assoc. professor and Dr. Sandra Duffy guest researcher at IKS. The Working group meet 5-6 times each year, for working meetings, and workshops has been etablished related to ICED 97 and 99 conferences. More than 20 joint articles has been written and several papers persendet. The aim is a monograph in 00 and etablising of a joint research program.
    Progressing results are a adjusted framework, casestudies and analysis of current methods and tools.
    Effective start/end date01/09/199331/12/2000


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