DCAMM Research School : International Researcher Education Activities

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    The DCAMM International Graduate Research School is part of the activities of DCAMM, the Danish Center for Applied Mathematics and Mechanics. DCAMM is a framework for internationally oriented scientific collaboration between staff members at a number of departments at the Technical University of Denmark and Aalborg University.

    The Ph.D.-students of the School are members of DCAMM through the departments constituting DCAMM and they are enrolled in the relevant Ph.D. programmes at DTU and AAU. The School's role is to provide for an interdisciplinary framework for education of young researchers in an international research environment. An important activity of DCAMM and the Research School are the DCAMM SYMPOSIA. These are bi-annual 3 day workshops with presentations mostly by Ph.D. students and post.-docs.

    The School also maintains a programme of PH.D.-COURSES / ADVANCED SCHOOLS. These courses (2.5 to 5 ETCS) are typically held as short intensive courses of 5 to 9 working days, enabling participation by students from all DCAMM institutions, foreign students as well as participants from industry.

    The governing body of the School is the Scientific Council of DCAMM.
    Effective start/end date01/09/200631/08/2011


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