Data driven energy screening

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ESnap is developing an innovative data-driven solution to improve the quality of energy screenings, including consumption and optimization options and the subsequent energy-efficient operation of buildings.
This is done by combining clamp-on Internet of Things (IoT) sensors on existing cables, pipes, meters, building elements, etc., with artificial intelligence, in a unified open solution, which is created to integrate with other of the building's solutions. The artificial intelligence is based on the energy consumption being simulated in buildings in combination with knowledge of building physics as well as models on the individual installations.
DTU Diplom was partner with 2 companies: Remoni, DEMS and Aarhus university. DTU Diplom's part was the logging, measurements and data analysis and modeling on ventilation and heat pump. Heat energy data is calculated based upon the temperatures and one measurements of air velocity. The calculation were confirmed by alternative measuring CO2 and presents of persons in the room

Key findings

data show how time controlled systems did work and did not work. And preliminary work for predicting energy-consumption. Clam on power sensors does not work on 3 phases systems. Temperature sensors must be placed appropriate in the ventilation channels. Temperature measurements on a heat pump is critical. Clamp on power sensor works on one phase cabel. The wireless communication of data from clam-on sensors to the could was not robust
Short titleESNAP
Effective start/end date01/11/201830/06/2020


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