Danish participation in IEA-ETSAP, Annex XII, 2011-2013

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    The project will continue the Danish participation in the IEA Implementing Agreement ETSAP (Energy Technology Systems Analysis Programme), Annexes X and XI under the new Annex XII 'Policy Analysis Tools for Global Sustainability (PAT-SUS): E4 systems tools and joint studies'. The main activities are semi-annual workshops focusing on model analyses, and use of the ETSAP modelling tools and technology data (the MARKAL/TIMES family of models), participation in training sessions on ETSAP tools, and participation in collaborative projects using and improving the ETSAP tools. Contributions to the workshops are based on past, present and future collaborative projects, in particular within the EU research programmes and projects under the Danish Strategic Research Council. Dissemination of results of ETSAP activities will be made through participation in workshops arranged within the Danish modelling community and as Pre-Conference meetings before ETSAP meetings. The project aims at enabling Danish model studies, which are consistent with European and global models. A TIMES model for Denmark was developed within EU research projects as a part of the Pan European TIMES model, which now covers 36 European countries, using harmonised assumptions based on Eurostat data, and with results that are becoming available online (PET36). Another development within ETSAP is the TIMES Integrated Assessment Model (TIAM), which is a global model covering 15 or 16 regions and time horizon year 2100
    Effective start/end date01/12/201131/12/2013


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