Danish high temperature PEMFC components, MEA and stack

  • Bjerrum, Niels J. (Project Manager)
  • Li, Qingfeng (Project Participant)
  • Jensen, Jens Oluf (Project Participant)
  • Permyakova, Anastasia Aleksandrovna (Project Participant)
  • Behnke, Kim (Project Participant)
  • Steenberg, Thomas (Project Participant)
  • Lundsgaard, Jørgen (Project Participant)
  • Themsen, Jesper (Project Participant)
  • Albæk, Per (Project Participant)

Project Details


The overall objective is to develop Danish HT-PEMFC technology towards competitive products on the national as well as the international marked
Effective start/end date01/04/200931/03/2013