Danish Data Collection Framework (DCF) Programme – Sampling and processing commercial and fishery data (39050-39052)

Project Details


The aim of the project is sampling and processing data from the Danish fisheries, according to the EU Data Collection Programme, to support for the scientific advice and management of the Common Fisheries Policy (CFP, 199/2008) with details outlined in the Commission delegation decision (EU) 2021/ 1167 with focus on the commercial fisheries sampling program.

The project covers data sampling from commercial and recreational fisheries data as well as the following sampling and data processing in land.
The main tasks in the program are to:
- Conduct sampling with observers on commercial fishing vessels.
- Conduct sampling on shore at actions, harbour sites and fish factories.
- Coordinate self-sampling in the industrial fishery.
- Conduct sampling of the recreational fisheries on selected species (cod, ell, salmon and sea trout).
- Analyze data in the laboratories, for biological measures such as age, stock identity, weight and maturity.

A large number of DTU Aqua employees are involved in the work.


In 2021, the project has been partially funded by the European Commission (70%) and partially by the public sector consultancy contract DTU has with the Ministry for Food, Agriculture and Fisheries of Denmark (30%). 
In the time period 2014-2020 the programme was funded with 80% EU contribution and 20% from the Ministry for Food, Agriculture and Fisheries of Denmark.
Effective start/end date01/01/201431/12/2023


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