D.6 Implementation of control into ICAS

Project Details


The goal of the project is to introduce control aspects into the dynamic simulator included in ICAS. The project includes two parts:
1. Dynamic control: To provide the facilities for specification of simple control loops in dynamic simulation within ICAS.
2. Process analysis: Tools for linearisation will be developed for the purpose of implementing tools for process analysis, such as SVD, RGA, DC-maps etc.
The latter aspect will be used in connection with control structuring which is one active research area within process control. Selection of a control structure concerns deciding which variables to manipulate and which variables to control in a multi-loop control structure. Frequency dependent RGA and SVD analysis has been applied. Also a novel method formulating the control structure selection as an assignment problem or MILP problem using a modified steady-state RGA in the objective function has been developed. This research project aims at synthesising a control structure given the design of a plant.
Effective start/end date01/05/1997 → …


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