Cybersecure IoT in Danish Industry

  • Kuzminykh, Ievgeniia (PI)

Project Details


The project CIDI - Cybersecure IoT in Danish Industry founded by Industry Foundation is aimed to help Denmark manufacturing and servicing companies with IoT.

Among other things, the CIDI project offers help to:
- Prepare company's risk assessment
- Secure company's products against hacking
- Develop security assessment framework

The project is aimed to increase the quality of Danish IoT products.
The project partners are Alexandra Institute, DTU, ITU, Force Technologies, and will include 20 Danish companies in the project.

Key findings

Risk assessment, Security framework, Penetration testing of the products
Effective start/end date01/02/201931/08/2021


  • Security risk assessment
  • IoT
  • Security
  • Penetration testing