Project Details


    The purpose of the project is:
    1. Development of a methodology, to be used during ship design, to calculate the effect of the crashworthiness of the side structure on the probability of survival with respect to damage stability.
    2. Enhancement of existing crashworthiness assessment methods (damage prediction tools) with a prediction error of less than 10%.
    3. Design and analysis of one coaster type side structures and one RO-Ro cargo type side structures with superior crashworthiness, i.e. an attained strengthening factor larger than 2.0.
    4. Evaluate operational & financial boundary conditions with respect to assessment of novel side-structures:
    5. Validation of designs and damage prediction tools based on full/half-scale collision experiments.
    6. Provide technical evidence in order to obtain approval from the legilative authorities and classification societies
    Effective start/end date01/05/200001/05/2004