Cost and energy effective all-black solar cell panel | Black Si BIPV | Phase 1

Project Details


The project will aim at establish a method for proof-of-concept creation of working modules with black silicon cells and black front grid. A few prototype modules of medium quality will be fabricated and be used for probing the market interest for the all black silicon technology, and further verify the superior angular light absorption on the module level. The projects falls into the following work packages:
• Investigation of interconnection method
• Investigation/proof-of-concept of black electroplating methods to make the silver front fingers black
• Design and production of Black Silicon cells with black fingers
• Investigation of module technology supporting the all black silicon cell, proof-of-concept production and module characterization.
• Proof-of-Business of Black Silicon BIPV
The project is a major step in making the black silicon technology available to the Danish PV industry being strong in BIPV where the technology is very well suited.
Effective start/end date01/07/201501/10/2016


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