Cost and energy effective all-black solar cell panel | Black Si BIPV | Phase 2

Project Details


The objective of the EUDP project is to develop and manufacture a novel type of solar panel based on a new type of solar cell (black silicon solar cell), which – apart from a high and preferably improved efficiency and an implementable and cheaper production method – should have several significant advantages in terms of building integration. The black solar cells will be further processed to make the front conducting grid completely black through an electrochemical deposition technology. The tabbing wires interconnecting the cells in the panel will be processed into non-reflecting black strings in a scalable, inorganic electrochemical process step securing a completely black appearance of the solar panel later produced. A compatible panel production process with traditional PV panel process will be demonstrated for the total black silicon BIPV module.
Effective start/end date01/10/201630/09/2018


  • BIPV
  • Black Silicon