Corrosion Monitoring Device

  • Mejlbro, Leif (Project Manager)

    Project Details


    A device for monitoring corrosion of steel bars in concrete in sea water is constructed, and a mathematical model is developed with the purpose of giving an easy way to predict when the steel bars will start corroding, causing damage to the structure.
    The project is part of EUREKA. Project leader is Ervin Poulsaen, Aps., in cooperation with AEC and the FORCE Institute (the Corrosion Central).
    First report included in Ervin Poulsen, Jens M. Frederiksen, Leif Mejlbro, Chloride Exposed RC-Structures, NIST/ACI/ASTM Workshop, Gaithersburg MD USA, November 9-10, 1998
    Effective start/end date06/10/1998 → …


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