CooLED - a new generation LED light source for the timeless high-end market.

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    The project aims to develop and demonstrate an optical flexible LED bulb using the energy efficient technology of LEDs optimally when applying it to the timeless exclusive classical lamps such as the PH5 by Poul Henningsen, the Flowerpot and the Globe by Verner Panton etc. When inserting traditional LED light sources in these lamps most of the energy is deposited in the lamps’ shade units due to the way the light source emits its light. By directing the light correctly out through the lamp shade it is possible to gain up to 90 % in energy reduction.
    Due to a new and highly innovative thermal management design separating the LEDs from the transformer electronics it is possible to minimize the changing cost of the light source due to the improved longevity.
    The thermal management design is made possible by the use of piezoelectric transformer technology converting 40W/cm2 with 98% efficiency making it geometrically possible to fit in the socket.
    The outcome of this project will settle with the increase of light sources by introducing an optically flexible retrofit LED solution. By applying low cost, tailored lenses that are interchangeable this solution could give the light a geometrical suitability for the application at hand.
    Effective start/end date01/01/201301/12/2014


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