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In the EU project Contamed, DTU FOOD conducts extended developmental toxicity rat studies investigating the possible role of mixtures of 12-14 estrogens, anti-androgens and other classes of EDCs in producing long-lasting delayed adverse reproductive effects at environmentally relevant levels. The endpoints assessed cover effects on male and female offspring during the postnatal development of the pups as well as long-lasting effects in adult offspring, i.e., anogenital distance, nipple retention, mammary gland development, histopathology and gene expression in selected reproductive organs, puberty, malformations of reproductive organs (hypospadias), oestrus cycling, semen quality and sexual dimorphic behaviour. DTU FOOD will also conduct In vitro assays and is responsible for the H295R assay
Financial support from the EU seventh framework programme (grant agreement no.: 212502) and Danish Environmental Protection Agency.
Effective start/end date01/05/200801/11/2012


  • mixtures
  • endocrine disrupters
  • human reproductive health
  • developmental toxicity


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