Consumers and new household technologies in ecological transformation

  • Røpke, Inge (Project Manager)
  • Læssøe, Jeppe (Project Participant)

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    Consumers and New Household Technology in Ecological Transformation
    (CeSaM-programme/Research Theme 1/Project 4)

    In recent years, a prime focus of public environmental measures, previously limited to industry and
    the resulting environmental pollution, has shifted to private households and the more diffuse
    environmental problems produced by everyday life practices. Efforts in this field have primarily
    aimed at reducing pollution and the use of resources in the single act of consumption. While this
    has partly succeeded it has, however, been obvious that the effects are undermined by a
    simultaneous growth in consumption. Thus it is crucial to reveal the dynamics which promote,
    maintain and/or impede the ongoing development of lifestyles.
    This project aims at elucidating how new household technologies interact with changes in
    consumer lifestyle: In which way does lifestyle influence the selection and everyday utilization of
    concrete technologies - and conversely: how is the integration of such new technologies in
    everyday practices reflected in the development of lifestyle? Based on knowledge about this
    dynamic relation, the potential environmental consequences will be discussed and contributions
    to the strategic clarification concerning how to promote a sustainable development in the field of
    consumption will be produced.
    In the field of socio-technological research, studies have investigated the interactions between
    household technology and the material, social and cognitive structures underlying the design of
    everyday life. However, these studies have generally not involved environmental issues - meaning
    that this theoretical approach needs to be elaborated by means of knowledge from the field of
    consumption and environment research.
    The empirical part of the project will be conducted by means of qualitative research methods in
    order to reveal how concrete new household technologies have been integrated into the everyday
    life, and have caused changes in the patterns of consumption as well as in the subjective
    Effective start/end date01/12/199701/12/2000


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