Concurrent engineering: A Knowledge Production Concept for a Shipyard

  • Christiansen, Kåre (Project Manager)

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    This project was carried out at the Odense Steelshipyard. The following significant results are documented in the report
    - a comparative status account of the product modelling area (in its broadest sense) based on the shipyard industry and development made on this basis
    - a demonstration that product modelling (in its broadest sense) may be used in the field of shipbuilding on the above basis with a project-oriented attitude and moderate resources. It is demonstrated that there is considerable potential
    - a demonstration that it is possible to teach production people (the company’s own domain experts) 1) productmodelling in a week, including understanding the content of the "engineering of engineering" process (re-engineering of engineering work) 2) to understand the importance of choice of type of knowledge production as regards engineering work (including discussion of degrees of liberty) and 3) to discuss company-strategic implications connected to these possibilities
    - in continuation of the above: that it has been made probable that within a short period of time the company’s own domain experts (designers, PTA staff, etc.) can learn to work out demand specification for IT-supported engineering of a company’s product and production based on product modelling
    The significance of the last two points may turn out to be dramatic for the industrial area.
    Effective start/end date01/08/199330/11/1996


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