Concrete elements with better insulation and less thermal bridge effect

  • Svendsen, Svend (Project Manager)
  • Tommerup, Henrik M. (Project Participant)
  • Larsen, Henning (Project Participant)
  • Munch-Andersen, Jørgen (Project Participant)

    Project Details


    The aim of the project is to stimulate a development of concrete elements with better insulation and less thermal bridges. The outer walls of concrete elements are typically less insulated than other outer walls. With the present and future demand for better insulated outer walls it is necessary to develop concrete elements for outer walls focusing on their insulation properties. The objective is to develop the buildings so that they acquire just as good energy properties as other buildings. In co-operation with producers of concrete elements the project is to put forward and analyse a series of proposals for changing the design of concrete elements with a view to increasing the insulation thickness and reduce the effect of thermal bridges. The best suggested solutions within each scope of application (building designed for residential, business or industrial purposes) will be thoroughly investigated and documented so that they can easily be used when buildings are designed and constructed according to the present and future building codes and regulations
    Effective start/end date01/02/199901/01/2001

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