Computational Hydrodynamics

    Project Details


    The scientific objective of the research program is to develop a number of unique mathematical models and numerical methods for the computation and prediction of the hydrodynamic problems described above. New insight and new prediction mehtods will be obtained for problems such as surfzone hydrodynamics, scour around large marine structures, ship hydrodynamics and propulsion, vortex-induced vibration of stuctures and response of moored ships in resticted waters. A new sophisticated experimental facility for multidirectional wawes will be used for validation purposes, in conjuction with existing laboratory and field data.
    Results from the research program will include:
    - Establishment of a new basic research group at the Technical University of Denmark (DTU)
    - Education of 5 PhD candidates in colloboration between Danish institutions
    - Further development of international collaboration e.g. through exchange of PhD students and post docs
    - Futher development of a leading international position within the scientific field
    - Publication of peer-reviewed journal papers and participation in international conferences
    - Dissimination of research results and methods to Danish industý and engineering compagnies
    Effective start/end date01/01/1999 → 31/12/2003