Compliance testing of printed paper and board

  • Wallström, Eva (Project Manager)

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A majority of paper and board packaging used for foodstuffs are printed on at least one surface. During the last few years several food “scandals” have been connected to printing ink ingredients like ITX and Benzophenone. Since these materials are not yet covered in all details by European legislation there is a need for developing approaches, test procedures and analytical methods, which ensures that they comply with good manufacturing practise (EC regulation 2023/2006).

Result of testing with official food simulants, taken from the EC plastics regulation (2002/72/EC), and those obtained by supercritical CO2 extraction will be compared. Methods will be adapted in order to ensure that migrateable substances from water, solvent- and oil based inks as well as from UV-curing printing inks can be analysed.

The goal is to give advice to, or even implement procedures in, the packaging industry that ensures that food safety can be protected by taking qualified decisions in the industry.
Effective start/end date01/09/200930/11/2011

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