• Nielsen, Lauge Fuglsang (Project Manager)
  • Mullit, Paw Mac (Project Participant)

    Project Details


    A software for "Composite analysis of Concrete (Creep, relaxation, eigenstrain/stress, loss of prestress)" has been developed by which a complete composite analysis of concrete can be made on creep, relaxation, eigenstrain/stress, and loss of prestress. In-put conditions are: Concrete proportioning, hydration properties of cement applied, and concrete curing conditions. No other methods for prediction of creep phenomenons of concrete offer these possibilities in one package. The programme has been tested successfully against a number of experimental results reported in the national and international literature on the rheological behavior of concrete. ComCon can be used from an age of 1/2 day - which is s significant improvement relative to precious methods which works only from an age of "some days".
    ComCon (with documentation) is reported as freeware on internet, (released august 1999), Further reports on the project are presented in the normal series of reports from the Dept. Struct. Eng. and Materials, Tech. Univ. of Denmark The project has been supported by the COWIfonden.
    Effective start/end date01/01/199915/08/1999


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