Combined development of compact thermal energy storage technologies

Project Details


The aim of the project is to develope a seasonal heat storage consisting of heat storage modules with a salt water mixture of sodium acetate and water. The heat storage concept is based on the advantage of stable supercooling. By using this concept the heat storage module will have no heat loss for a long period making seasonal heat storage possible. If a sodium acetate water mixture, which has a melting point of 58°C, has been fully melted during the sunny summer, it can cool down in its liquid phase to the surrounding temperature and still preserve the latent heat related to the heat of fusion. The heat storage module can be left in this state with no heat loss until a heat demand occurs in the house in the winter, in which case solidification is activated, the heat of fusion is released, and the heat storage temperature increases almost immediately to the melting point.

The developed heat storage will be a part of a demonstration solar heating system which is intended to cover the total yearly heat demand and hot water consumption of a low energy one family house.
Effective start/end date01/04/201231/03/2016


  • Development
  • Demonstration
  • Seasonal heat storage
  • PCM
  • Supercooling