Combined daylight and intelligent LED lighting : Getting the daylight into the buildings

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    The project aims to develop and demonstrate a new concept of intelligent LED lighting which complements and follows the rhythm of daylight and thus bringing 'daylight' into buildings. It is based on LED technology's unique color characteristics and high efficiency, allowing a concept which proveides both high-quality lighting and can be energy saving. New LED lighting systems and conbined with a new colos sensor system for control are developed. LED light source placement and control strategies are analyzed and optimized through model calculations that include the daylight contribution. User experience of the concept will be examined through demonstration setups and the potential energy savings specified through measurements on these setups.
    Effective start/end date15/02/201031/12/2011

    Collaborative partners

    • Technical University of Denmark (lead)
    • Philips Lighting A/S (Project partner)
    • Danish Building Research Institute (Project partner)
    • Ramboll Foundation (Project partner)
    • Energiraadgiveren (Project partner)


    • Forsk. Andre statslige danske i øvrigt


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