Colour and texture inspection equipment ESPRIT Project 21023 - CATIE

  • Carstensen, Jens Michael (Project Manager)
  • Hansen, Johan Dore (Project Participant)
  • Hartelius, Karsten (Project Participant)

    Project Details


    The objective is to provide cost effective colour and texture based automatic inspection and sorting solutions for industry. Three application areas are considered: Hot steel strip, wood slabs, and food.
    Novel solutions for low delay image analysis, a few tens of milliseconds from imaging to decision, will be deveoped and used in real-time on-line inspection demonstrators in each application. The inspection system platform will be the same and exploit an off-the-shelf component based parallel architecture designed to support hypothesis-and-verification oriented inspection strategies. The platform will cope with the high volumes of data associated with colour and texture inspection. The basic technology of high-performance personal computers will be used.
    Because of the vibrations of hot strip and the nature of motion of food particles to be sorted high speed prism based colour line-scan cameras will be developed to capture the RGB values of each pixel at the same time. Due to the required high line scan rates, stable illuminators with feature enhancing radiation patterns will be designed, and an on/line colour camera calibration technique will be developed to make the colour measurements independent of longer term changes in illumination.
    Effective start/end date01/01/199631/05/1999


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