Cognitive Heterogeneous Reconfigurable Optical Network

  • Attalah, Neftis (Project Manager)
  • Borkowski, Robert, Centro para el Desarrollo de las Telecomunicaciones de Castilla e Leon (Project Participant)
  • Tafur Monroy, Idelfonso (Contact Person)
  • Caballero Jambrina, Antonio (Project Participant)

Project Details


The CHRON project addresses the challenge of controlling and managing the next generation of heterogeneous
optical networks supporting the Future Internet. Such networks will be of a highly heterogeneous nature,
ranging from a wide variety of classes of services with different requirements, to wide physical layer diversity
in optical transmission techniques and optical switching paradigms. The CHRON project proposes a Cognitive
Heterogeneous Reconfigurable Optical Network, which observes, acts, learns and optimizes its performance.
The focus of the project is on the essential elements of the proposed cognitive network, in particular a cognitive
decision system; an intelligent monitoring system; and a cognitive control system.
The project proposes a cognitive and dynamic approach to tackle the lack of dynamicity of current optical
network control planes; especially in view of the emerging levels of dynamic switching paradigms that can
co-exist in a single future network. CHRON will investigate intelligent monitoring techniques to account for
advanced optical transmission techniques based on complex modulation formats with coherent detection that
are being considering for achieving bit rates up 100 Gbit/s and beyond. The CHRON project will consider the
interconnectivity between service classes, traffic types and the proposed cognitive system for reducing control
and management complexity, augmented flexibility and efficient use of network resources. The proposed
cognitive network can also perform cross-layer design and multi-objective optimization supporting trade-offs
between performance in term of cost and energy efficiency.
The CHRON project will perform simulation and experimental studies to test and validate the developed cognitive
control and monitoring techniques in a heterogeneous optical network emulation. The project also includes
activities and strategies for intensive dissemination, standardisation and exploitation of achieved results.
Effective start/end date01/07/201030/07/2013


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